Paid Advertising

Paid Advertising.

The main online platforms, Google, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn all offer the option of paid ads to promote your business.


Search Ads

Google’s premier product is Google Search ads which appear in the premium positions at both the top and bottom of a Google search.

When people go onto Google and type in a search phrase, they are showing a high level of intent. It isn’t an accident, it is a deliberate act, therefore the likelihood of the searcher reacting to the search results by taking action, is high. For that reason, on average people are more likely to buy off a Google Search ad, than the other ad options. For that reason, generally speaking these ads are typically the most expensive.

Been speaking to an SEO person who might have told you that people click more on organic search results than paid ads? This is true, but there is a very important point to be aware of. That statement is based on including all forms of searches. Paid ads are not likely to show up when you are searching for your local church, or your nearest school as these are non-commercial searches. More searches are for non-commercial reasons, than commercial.

For a business however, only commercial searches are relevant. Around 65% of the clicks on commercial searches go to the top 4 positions on the search results. Who occupies the top 4 positions? In most cases, not surprisingly, Google ads. Where does Google make almost all its money – Google ads. On this basis why would Google want to help out organic results and take money away from themselves? It is not to say SEO can’t be useful, but when it comes to commercial searches, paid ads are king and are likely to remain so while it’s Google’s main source of income! Just take a look at our sample search to get the point!

Display Ads

Google Display ads, unlike Google Search ads, cannot be found in a set location at a particular time, rather they are dynamic. This means they will appear on Google partner sites depending on your behaviour. Some people find these types of ads frustrating as they can’t just go and find them, but that is all part of the job they are doing.

These types of ads are great for re-marketing to people. A client may visit your website and then leave without buying. Google Display ads can be used to pop up in front of the visitor as they visit other Google partner sites, to persuade them to go back and make that purchase. Ever felt like ads are following you around the internet? That is remarketing at work! They are a cost-effective ad option and are great for building brand awareness!

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LinkedIn Ads

LinkedIn ads fall in the same category as Facebook/Instagram ads and Google Display ads. They are dynamic ads, so they cannot be found in a fixed position, but rather will roam around the platform being shown to people that fit the parameters set by the advertiser.

The big difference with LinkedIn, is the target audience. The audience is business professionals. If that is your “go to” market, then LinkedIn is probably for you. The one thing to be aware of, is that LinkedIn ads are expensive compared to the other options. That said, if it gets you in front of your target audience, then that extra cost may well be worth it!

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Facebook Ads

Facebook ads like Google Display ads are dynamic, which means that they don’t appear in a fixed position but rather roam around the platform depending on the FB algorithms and the parameters set in the ads.

Due to the dynamic nature, when people see Facebook ads, unlike Google Search ads, they haven’t gone there to find them, rather they see them because Facebook has chosen to show them. For that reason, there is not the same intent when a person clicks on a Facebook ad, so although it could lead to a sale, it is less likely than with a Google Search ad. That said, Facebook ads are generally cheaper and are a great option to build your brand profile. Facebook ads, like Google Display ads, can be set to follow you around the Facebook platform to remarket to you, having visited the advertiser’s Facebook page or website.

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Instagram Ads

Instagram is owned by Facebook, so Instagram ads are placed using the same platform as Facebook. As with Facebook, they are dynamic ads, so will be shown on the platform based on their algorithms. They have the same benefits as Facebook ads, but are shown to the different audience which exists on Instagram.

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Paid Advertising.

Paid Advertising.

Paid Advertising.