Our goal at Making Sense of Marketing (MSOM) is to help educate and support businesspeople so that they can cope with the challenges of making marketing decisions in a world where technology is advancing at a fast pace. We want to become your “go to place” for finding answers and learning, when you don’t have the time to spend endless hours on the internet putting together pieces of information from various sources.

As a business owner you want to be focused on what you know and do best and that is running your business. That is where you will make your money! Too often businesspeople try to do too much themselves and their business suffers!

We aim to help educate you so that you make good decisions about your marketing. It is not about making you an expert in all fields so that you can do it all yourself, but rather giving you the knowledge to enable you to be able to confidently liaise with others on marketing matters to achieve the best results.

How do we plan to help?

Well firstly, we hope that you will find our blog beneficial and with our video series “Making Sense of Marketing” you get to see some real-world situations facing small businesses, along with getting insights from industry experts. For those of you that join our community you also get access to free resources that we create from time to time. We also take a look at the questions we get each week and pick out one or two of the most popular and post a response for all in our community to see!

In the interests of full disclosure from time to time we create educational courses for our community that require payment to participate. Whether you choose to purchase one of our courses, or just stay with the free stuff is entirely up to you!

Who is behind Making Sense of Marketing?


We have a team of people who collaborate, but the principal is Paul Dodds. He’s been around a bit. He has started various companies including importation and catalogue businesses. He has owned daycares, run his own consultancy business, worked in the finance industry, been the marketing manager for a car leasing company and owned his own digital marketing company. He doesn’t claim to know everything, but he knows the pain of running your own business and the marketing challenges faced.

This business has come about from Paul dealing with so many small businesses that were struggling to make sense of what to do with their marketing (yep that’s where the name came from) as they are bombarded with new technology. He found too many people were lurching from one idea to the next with no real plan. The internet is so vast that it is easy to become confused! Paul’s aim is to educate people so that they can come up with a plan, make good decisions and not waste money!