Quadrant 2 Programme

So, what is  all about?

Steven Covey wrote a great book called the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People (on our recommended reading list). As part of that book he identified that a businessperson’s time could be divided into four quadrants, much as we have done below:

Where people run into problems is with time spent in and , especially . is a necessity and  is the “sweet spot”; that is where the magic is created. is about working “on” your business not “in” your business!

Having time set aside for , means having time to take in our resources and gain the benefit for you and your business (along with other activities to help improve your business)! The more time a business owner can dedicate to , the greater likelihood of their success! It is for that reason we developed the programme so that we can help small businesses be successful!

Our programme consists of 5 stages. Stage 1: Take the Programme Part 1. Stage 2: Take the Programme Part 2. Stage 3: Putting into practice. Stage 4: Tips for greater success! Stage 5: Accountability = Success!

Want to take the programme, it’s completely FREE? Then fill in your details below. As part of taking the programme, you will get a FREE template for monthly planning of your activities in the future, that way you can start getting more out of each day and bring you closer to financial success! You will also get a FREE one-page marketing plan template (an important  activity) to help you plan for marketing success!