Google Ads FAQ

Google Ads FAQ.

Google Ads FAQ. This is advertising so there can be no guarantees. History shows that Google campaigns can be very successful.

How do I pay?

The Google cost will be charged on an ongoing basis directly to your credit card. Our management fee is charged monthly in advance. If the payment is not received on time, then the campaign will be immediately paused until payment has been received.

Who decides how much the Google cost should be and can that figure be fixed?

We will advise you of our recommendation, however it is ultimately your decision. Once your monthly budget has been determined, Google requires us to set a daily budget, which we will do by dividing your monthly budget by 30.4. Please be aware that Google may exceed your daily budget to maximise performance but undertakes not to exceed the monthly budget. Given months of the year vary in length, we use 30.4 for each month. The use of 30.4 instead of the actual number of days in the month does mean that your total expenditure will vary slightly each month, due to the actual number of days in that month. In the months containing 31 days, you will pay slightly more, but in the months of 30 days or less, you will pay slightly less than your budget.

Can I stop advertising during a month?

You can stop at any time and Google will only bill you up to the day the campaign ended. Our management fee is monthly in advance. If you stop during a month, then you will not be charged any further management fees, however there will be no refund for the part period.

Will I get reports on how the campaign is working?

As we have unbundled our services, we leave that for you to decide. Should you want a monthly report, there is an additional charge of $50 plus gst per month.

Can I get access to the back end of the Google campaign?

Absolutely. You are entitled to get access at any stage. We provide you with “read only” access to prevent you from accidentally making changes that undermine the campaign.

Some of your competitors charge a lesser setup fee, or sometimes don’t charge a fee at all. Why do you charge a fee and how much is it?

There is a lot of work that goes into designing and creating a Google campaign. Our competitors will put you on a contract so that they can recover the set-up cost over the campaign term. Given we don’t have fixed term contracts, we need to recover the cost up front. How much we charge as the set-up fee depends on the complexity of the campaign. On an entry level campaign, the cost is $397 plus gst. We will confirm the set-up fee prior to commencing work.

When do I have to pay the set-up fee?

We do not commence work on creating a campaign until we have received payment.

How much do your charge monthly for managing a campaign?

This depends on the complexity of the campaign. For an entry level campaign, the cost is $200 per month plus gst, which equates to $50 per week. We need to go into your campaign weekly and in some cases daily to maximise performance. When you make an enquiry, we will give you a quote. As mentioned, the management fee is charged monthly in advance and must be paid prior to commencing the next month.

Method of payment?

Either by credit card or bank deposit. If paying by bank deposit, we do not commence work (or where applicable, we will pause the campaign) until payment is received into our account.

Do you guarantee it works?

This is advertising so there can be no guarantees. History shows that Google campaigns can be very successful, but that can never be guaranteed. Check out our happy customer’s feedback!

Can I have changes made to my campaign?

Absolutely. Changes can be made at any time. Please be aware that if you do want changes, there will be an additional charge depending on what is required (unless an error on our behalf).

If I leave, can I keep my data from my ad campaign?

Absolutely, so long as your account with us has been paid up in full. We set your campaign up, so that you are able to keep your full history. Please note that the data retention is by Google not us, therefore we cannot provide any guarantees as to how long any of that information may remain available, especially if you cease advertising. That remains entirely at Google’s discretion.

How long should I advertise for, before I should know if it is working?

It takes time for the campaign to establish its effectiveness. We would recommend a minimum of 3 months, but ideally 6 months. With a no term contract, the decision remains in your hands!