Quick inspiration to connect with your customers.

Quick inspiration.

So, you have come to realise that putting up sales posts all the time, just isn’t working and you are looking for ideas. How about answering typical questions customers might have as an alternative? But where are you going to get the questions from?

  1. You could create a client questionnaire to identify key questions and concerns that people have.
  2. Ask the sales team to take note of commonly asked questions.
  3. Monitor questions that come by way of email enquiries.
  4. Look to Google for some quick ideas!

It is the last option that I want to focus on as a very quick and simple way to derive ideas for your client posts/emails.

Lets say you run an office furniture business. Go to Google and put in a search phrase such as: “Why do we need office furniture”. Then look at the “People also ask” section for inspiration:

From this information, you could write a post on the importance of furniture, how great furniture could help productivity, or discuss the various types of furniture that are available. Then you can go down to the bottom of the page to view other searches on the same topic, which could give you further inspiration for topics for future posts:

From Google’s information on other searches, you could write articles on things such as why people should upgrade their furniture, the impact of great furniture on staff, or what is the future of office furniture.

Regardless of what you sell, the key is to come up with a couple of possible questions relating to your product and then use them as the search phrase. If for instance you sell printers, try “why do we need printers” or “how to save money on printer ink” to get inspiration from Google for questions to answer for your customers.

When coming up with ideas for your search phrases, make sure to include words like “How to”, “Why” or “What” to help generate suitable ideas.

Rather than the direct “hard sell”, address customers questions and concerns. Be informative and friendly in your tone and by selling less, you are likely to actually sell more!

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