Use Images To Sell!

Images To Sell.

A lot of people struggle to conceptualise things without a picture. That is not to say you have to always show them a physical picture, but at least evoke a picture in their mind. As an example, if you told someone that you ran 100 metres, how many would have a good sense of how far it was? If, however you told them that you ran two lengths of your local pool, they would most likely get it!

When selling to people, you want to get them excited, which can be achieved by the use of visual language that sticks in their minds, or by using actual images.

Do you have a message to convey, product/service to sell that can be demonstrated well with an image? If so, use it. If you can do it using a short video, then even better! People are more likely to respond to images or videos than text.

How much easier and more interesting it is to show what you do via a video, rather than having to explain it with text. It is also easier and more compelling to highlight what is different with what you do, by using a video.

Let’s say you make security doors. What do you think people will react better to: a) “Our doors can repel the weight of a 100kg man” or b) A video showing a 100kg male crashing into the door and being repelled? It’s not hard to figure out which is going to get the most attention.

If you are trying to convey a concept where a picture is not relevant, at least try to create a picture in the readers mind that will stick. These shoes will last the length of New Zealand, rather than they will last for 1,600 kms of walking!

The use of images, video and imagery is far more likely to get people excited and result in a sale!

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