7 Tips for Email Marketing like a PRO!

Getting your emails right is important, so it is worth considering the following email issues so that you get the most out of your email marketing.

1. Use a recognisable sender name.

If people don’t recognise your email address, then your emails could be ignored or reported as spam. Use an email address which is consistent with your business and easily recognisable.

2. Not optimising the preview text.

The preview text gives you a chance to entice people to open your emails to read more. The preview text can be up to double in size of the subject line so its worth spending time to create the right message. During the testing phase for a new email, try different combinations of preview text and subject lines to see what works best.

3. Select your fonts carefully.

You want people to be able to easily read your emails which means both selecting a sufficiently big font size and ensuring there is good colour contrast between the text and the background. For basic text go for about 14pt and larger for headings and subheadings.

4. Don’t write too much copy.

Get to the point quickly and be economical with your use of words. You are not writing a book, so no need to pad it out. Get straight to the point. People will be put off reading your email if is too long or they are struggling to understand its purpose.

Make sure to break the text and use bullet points along with headings to make it both easier to read and understand the message.

5. Use Alt Text on your images where appropriate.

Sometimes the images contained within an email cannot be loaded. To cover this situation, it is beneficial to include alt text so that people understand what the image was about. That said, only include alt text for relevant images. If it is just a nice picture to help set the scene, then it is not helpful.

6. Keep your hyperlinks spread out.

If they are too close together, this can be a problem on mobile, where people may have difficulty clicking on the right button. People’s attention spans are short, so if they have a problem reading/using your email, they will just move on.

7. Don’t hide the unsubscribe link.

If people don’t want to get your emails, then making if difficult to find your unsubscribe link won’t help, it will just increase the chances of you being reported as spam. If they don’t want your emails, why would want to keep them on your list anyway?

Adopting these simple tips will help you on your way to mastering email marketing!

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