Episode 16 – Casey Jacox on how lessons from adversity can set you on the path to success!

Episode 16.

Episode 16 – How we interpret circumstances has a huge impact on what we achieve in life. Two persons may experience comparable obstacles, yet their outcomes may differ dramatically due to their differing responses to those challenges.
Hear precisely what Casey’s difficulty was and how he exploited it to develop an exceptional career in this interview!

Casey Jacox is the author of the book “Win the Relationship not the Deal”, host of the podcast Quarterback DadCast, motivational speaker and sales coach.

Casey forged an outstanding record in sales, setting records for his company that have yet to be beaten, before deciding on a change of pace and change of focus.

There is one particular event that occurred in Casey’s early life that set the scene for his future success.

So much of what we achieve in life is influenced by how we interpret events. Two people could be faced with similar challenges but their outcomes could be entirely different due to their varying response to those challenges.

In this interview, hear exactly what Casey’s challenge was and how he used it for good effect to forge an outstanding career!

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