Episode 3: An interview with Robert Jackson-Mee

Episode 3.

Episode 3 – Sarah Colcord came up with the concept for a Facebook group during a Covid 19 lock-down in New Zealand, and it became a smash success. Within a few weeks.

Robert has had an incredibly successful career which has seen him photograph many famous people, from actors to musicians to world leaders, along with working for major international brands on anything from soft drink commercials to car commercials.

In the incredibly competitive world of photography, Robert Jackson-Mee made the bold decision to leave London and set up a studio in Hong Kong. That decision was the catalyst to his success, which saw him travel the world undertaking a diverse portfolio of work.

We talk to Robert about, why he thinks he has succeeded ahead of others and what lessons he learned that others can use to help them in their journey to success!

To find out more about Robert Jackson- Mee, visit his website: https://jacksonmee.com 

Robert’s wife Alison has for so many years supported Robert with his career, so Robert has decided it is now time to support Alison with her career as a leading Real Estate Agent with UP Real Estate, Remuera Branch, Auckland. Robert does still have a small number of select photography clients, but largely dedicates his time to a support role for Alison selling real estate (which does not include photography!).

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