Focus your brand on being different not better!

Focus your brand.

So, you think you are better than your competitors? That’s great, but how long do you think you can keep that up? Who defines who is the best and if you are, does that mean you have a target on your back from your competitors?

For almost everyone, you are going to have competitors. To go around saying you are the best, is to suggest that your point of difference is that you are better; but that isn’t necessarily permanent, can be hard to measure and can come across insincerely!

The better option? Focus on what makes you unique and stay away from arguing who is best. Does Apple go around stating they make the best computers, or the cheapest? No? They focus on making computers that are different; they focus on style; they focus on innovation. They maybe the best computers, but whose to say? There is no need for Apple to take on that argument. People buy Apple computers because they think they are cool.

With so many choices in the world, people more and more want to feel a connection with who they buy off. By being unique and weaving this into your brand story, it gives people the chance to connect with you and choose you. People may try to copy you, but if you continue to celebrate and strive to be unique, it will be hard for them to follow and if they try, they are liable to come off as insincere.

Remember this, being the same is boring, being different is interesting. Interesting people get noticed, not boring ones. It is no different in business. Be interesting, be different and celebrate that difference! Chances are, you will build yourself a fan base!

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