How to build your brand through your website!

Build your brand.

Building your brand is never a one-off exercise, rather it is an ongoing work in progress which permeates through everything that you do. Your brand positioning influences what you do and why, along with why you do it the way that you do.

If you can create value for your customers, then it will encourage them to talk about you and in doing so help you achieve those word of mouth sales that we all desire!

To effectively build your brand, you first want to ensure that you have a clear picture of your ideal customer so that you can craft your brand around fulfilling their needs.

When people visit your website, you don’t want them to leave, left wondering such questions as: “What are they actually offering?”, “What makes what they are offering better?” and “Why would I buy off them?”

When people visit your website, they want to know things like: “What exactly is it that you are offering?”, “What makes what you are offering better than others?”, “Why do I need it?” and “Do I want to buy off you?”

By firstly having a clear understanding of your ideal client, you can connect with them on your website by acknowledging their issues, what they want and need and demonstrating why what you are offering will be the ideal solution for them.

Your objectives with building your brand should always be:

  • Provide clarity in all communications. Don’t leave people wondering. Give them a clear view of who you are and what you stand for.
  • Be consistent. To build a brand effectively, it means your messaging, your visuals, your product offerings must all be consistent with the goals that you have for your brand.
  • Create a connection. Understand your target audience and look to connect with them. In doing so you can create compelling reasons why they should buy from you.

Your website is a window into your business and you. With a multitude of options online and people’s attention spans only getting shorter, you don’t have a lot of time to grab the viewers attention and convince them to stay and take a look around. From there, is the challenge of convincing them to buy from you.

By having a clear understanding of your ideal client and a brand that is designed to cater to them, you then need to ensure that it is translated onto your website to achieve that winning formula!

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