Getting Your Social Media Posting Right!

Social Media Posting.

There is a couple of issues that I consistently see with small businesses and their Social Media marketing. Firstly, trying to cover multiple platforms and the second thing is being obsessed with the number of followers.

As a small business owner, you need to juggle a lot of things, so it becomes too easy to get overloaded and not do anything right. As the old saying goes: “less is more”. You are much better to commit to doing one well, than trying to cover a multitude and do them all badly! So often you see Social Media accounts where a person has started out with great intent and it has become all too much and ultimately, they give up and it joins the growing wasteland of neglected Social Media accounts! Like your business, to get the best out of Social Media, you need to commit to it long term! Just by sticking at it long term, you will already be ahead of most of your competitors!

Being obsessed about your follower numbers, is not necessarily going to help you get sales. You could create a huge following but if its with the wrong people and the wrong approach, then it will be of little value.

In light of recent events, trying to get people to buy off you immediately, may not bring you results. A lot may simply not be in a position to buy right now, but that does not mean you should give up, but rather put in the groundwork and build relationships and ultimately the sales will come.

Right now, the opportunity is to use a combination of posting and paid ads to show off your products and how they could be of benefit to potential customers. People more than ever before are going to do their online research before contemplating visiting you. Do a great job with your online presence then you are well on your way to making those sales. Make your online presence all about price, then guess what, that is what they will be focused on. Unless you want to engage in a price war, then focus on what is different about what you offer and make it compelling!

So, what sort of things can you do to keep your Social Media going and engaging? Here are 10 ideas to start!

  1. Create a guide for your products/services.
  2. Take photos of your products in appealing environments.
  3. Get photos of your products in use with customers.
  4. Interview users of your products/services and publish their feedback.
  5. Demonstrate different ideas of how to use your product or service.
  6. Interview your staff about your products/services.
  7. Do individual profiles of each of your employees to highlight what is different and special about dealing with your business. This will encourage people to connect and trust your company.
  8. Share the story behind how and why the business was created.
  9. Share humour.
  10. Talk about ways in which people can buy off you without having to visit you (particularly relevant right now!)

It is time to ditch the notion that success in Social Media is just about telling everyone how great you and your business are and instead take a new approach. Educate people about you and your products, showing them how cool they are and how they can be used. Make your business inviting and showcase how your amazing staff make a difference (and make sure that is the case). Be inspiring, informative and even entertaining if possible. Through being educational and helpful, sales will ultimately come. If you want to take it to another level, then think beyond your business and contribute to helping society in a genuine way. With a sincere approach, good things are likely to come your way!

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