Maximize your call to action!

Maximize CTA.

Maximize CTA. – Sarah Colcord came up with the concept for a Facebook group during a Covid 19 lock-down in New Zealand, and it became a smash success. Within a few weeks, New Zealand Made Products had surpassed 500k members. Sarah has since changed her name to Chooice and launched a website where members may sell their wares.

Surprisingly a lot of websites either don’t have calls to action, or they are weak with little impact.

The most effective calls to action are those contained on conversion pages. The problem with calls to action on full websites is that the websites can be cluttered with too much information and too many objectives, which just confuses people, resulting in no action!


So, what makes a great call to action?

  • It should be action orientated. ‘Get your free e-book”, “Start your free trial”.
  • Wording should be concise and compelling!
  • Make your calls to action easy to see.
  • If using a conversion page, then have a call to action at the top of the page and at various points down the page.

Call to action


Try different calls to action and even experiment with different looks for your call-to-action button. Small changes can yield big improvements in results. One e-commerce site found by changing the colour of their call-to-action button, sales increased by 35%.

Take time and effort to get your call to action just right!

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