Google Ads

Google Ads.

So, you would like to undertake a Google ad campaign, but not sure how to go about it? Can you/should you do it yourself, or get a professional to do it for you?

Where is your time best served to make the most money, becoming a Google guru to save a few dollars, or spending time on your business?

If you want, you can learn to be a Google expert. It can’t be that hard, right? If you are interested, then click on the link below:

Realistically it will take you a few days to go through each module a few times, in preparation for your exam. You have four different modules to do (4 exams), with certification only lasting 12 months. You will then need to keep revising to keep up to date with the ongoing changes. Do you have time for this commitment and is it the best use of your time?

Yes, you could cut corners and only learn the basics, but the problem with that is that you won’t entirely know what you are doing, so you will waste money and opportunity!

Alternatively, you could go for Google’s automated product, but it involves a lot of compromises. Think of it this way, if it provided the best outcomes, Google would no longer need people to become AdWords certified!

For most small businesses, getting a professional to create and manage your advertising is the best option, so why use the MSOM team?

We believe in what we do so unlike others out there:

  • No fixed term contracts.
  • You pay Google directly, so that you know exactly how much we charge for our work.
  • You pay for what you want, as we have unbundled our services.
  • You set your own budget, based on what you can afford.
  • Our advice on what budget to spend with Google is unbiased as you spend directly with Google.

Our team have had years of experience creating Google ads and are all Google qualified.

What do our customers have to say?

“ I love the fact that I know exactly what I am paying for, nothing is hidden and I have complete flexibility. There are lots out there where you don’t know what you are paying for and certainly don’t get the results like I have gotten with MSOM.” – Jon Merwood
“These guys are experts. I love the fact that I get access to free resources so that I can learn more about marketing. They are a business, but they still give back a lot to help their clients for free” – Peter Lowe

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