Episode 9: The Secrets to Sales Success!

Nick Rowney has had a colourful and extensive career where sales has been to the forefront. In this no nonsense interview, Nick shares his lessons in the art of selling.

The secrets to sales success may not be as complicated as you think!

Implement the lessons that Nick shares and achieve your own sales success!

Either watch the video in full or listen to the interview as a two part series.

0:45 How important is the skill of selling?
5:52 Why does society not recognise the importance of teaching people sales skills.
8:30 Do some sales people give the industry a bad name?
14:05 Has Influencers muddies the waters for online sales?
14:43 Some of the common mistakes made in sales.
22:48 Do many fall into the trap of thinking every sale is a good sale?
24:33 Other common mistakes?
28:37 Starting out, how do you deal with sales that are not a good fit?

PART 2 (Video timings on the left and Podcast timings on the right)
31:37/1:47 Should you be thinking short or long term with sales?
32:35/2:41 The definition of selling?
38:56/9:03 The secrets to closing deals!
101:15/31:25 Young people in startups versus older more experienced – your views.

To contact Nick :

Email: [email protected]

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/nickrowney/


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