Using Comedy in Marketing!

Ryan Reynolds has taken a different approach with the honesty in his marketing and has met with a lot of success.

He tends to focus on day-to-day thoughts and feelings of people and incorporates them into his marketing, with funny results.

In the following ad, he highlights the fact that most people don’t understand what 5G actually is, so he is going to give it away for free until they figure it out.

It’s funny for most because they really don’t know what 5G means.

So what is his approach?

1) He connects with his audience by addressing a topical issue, in this case – “what is 5G”?

2) He acknowledges that most people won’t understand a technical explanation and in doing so makes it funny.

Why does this work?

1) He is relatable to his audience.

2) He makes it entertaining.

All of which means that he connects with his audience.

We may not be Ryan Reynolds, nor be able to afford a commercial, but nonetheless the lessons are applicable.

It all starts with you knowing your target audience well and relating to them. Create that connection, then you are well on your way to marketing success!

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