Your Website Might Not Be Enough!

You have probably spent thousands on your website and could spend thousands more, but it still might not be enough!

Not what you want to hear right? Before you panic, we need to delve deeper. Your website might be just fine, it just might not be equipped to meet all your expectations. What you expect of your website depends on the nature of your business. Websites that are done well are a good window into your business, which might be all that you need; but if they are expected to be an active member of the sales team, there may be a problem.

A website is a bit like a member of the regular army – has general capabilities but is a specialist in nothing. That might be okay, but if you have a specific task that needs completed, then you might need to call in a specialist to get the best result. In military terms they could use regular infantry personnel to rescue hostages, but they know that without suitable training, a lot might get killed and the hostages might not get rescued. Alternatively, they would call in the SAS or American Navy Seals who continually train for these scenarios so are much better equipped to get the best result.

If one of your goals for your website goes beyond being a window into your business, then you might need a specialist which is laser focused on your goal. Your current website may contain too much content and therefore be too distracting when trying to achieve one specific goal. Humans are often easily distracted, so it’s important that we bear this in mind.


What’s the solution? A single purpose specialist page that we like to call a conversion page, which can also be referred to as a conversion funnel page, conversion landing page or a lead page. Your conversion landing page can be housed within your existing website, but my preference is for it to be standalone. Standalone can mean on its own unique URL distinct from the main website, or on an associated URL, but distinct from the main website such as: rather than

Why standalone? Firstly, this page is likely to look quite different to your main website, so would look out of place amongst the other pages and secondly, your traditional website potentially has a lot of distracting content! There is a third possible benefit if you choose a completely unique URL, it could expand your online footprint providing another way that you can be found.

If you identify a popular search phrase that is linked with what you are trying to sell and purchase an associated URL it will potentially help you to appear in organic results for that search phrase. Let say you are a builder who aside from building traditional homes has started also building tiny homes. You could search for an available URL around the name tiny homes and use that for a dedicated conversion landing page for the purposes of promoting and selling tiny homes! You could go all in with this and create a distinct brand using the tiny homes name and claim a Google My Business page to further enhance your organic presence. Creating its own brand helps to remove all ambiguity and make a clear statement about what you are selling!


Your conversion landing page should be crafted from start to finish to take the visitor on a journey with the intent on making it almost impossible for them to not take the action that you want. Often considered as part of a sales funnel, the content itself is crafted like a funnel in its own right. As you travel down the page the messaging becomes increasingly compelling willing you to click on the “purchase now” button of “download now” button as may be applicable.

The contents of the page are likely to include information on the product or service, video demonstrations, multiple client testimonials, FAQ’s and limited time offers. Video is typically used to great effect.

All content on a conversion page is added strategically. They are not created randomly. Although not random, the content of a traditional website tends to have more of an emphasis on sharing content and much less on evoking an action.

If you are in the business of wanting to sell something online, provide giveaways to build a database, or you need people to take another specific action, then a carefully crafted conversion page is likely to bring you the best result. The good news is that a conversion page is typically a lot cheaper than a normal website. It won’t replace your website, rather it’s a specialist that you bring in, laser focused to do one specific job.


It might be time to call in a specialist conversion page to supplement the work of your website!

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