5 Tips For A Great Headline!

5 Tips

5 Tips

It can be as high as 5 times the number of people will read the headline of your article than actually read it. So how can you close the gap between the number who read your title and the number that actually read your article? Here are a few tips to help:

  1. Keep the title simple
  • Don’t use words that people may not understand! Use simple words.
  • Use short words, short sentences, short paragraphs and highly personal content.
  • A good headline connects with everyone that reads it regardless of their background.

        2. Make the news

  • Ideally put both news and a promise in the headline.
  • Example – “Scientists discover the secret to creating the perfect abs in just two weeks!”
  • Be mindful not come across as creating click bait. The use of humour is a good way to avoid this.

       3. Be specific to create credibility

  • “How I Made $50,000 in three weeks” vs “How I Made $50,348 in three weeks”.
  • The use of specific numbers makes it more believable.

        4. What’s in it for the reader?

  • Consider what is in it for the reader when creating your headline as people are more inclined to click when they think there is something in it for them!
  • Convey what is the primary benefit of your product in the headline.
  • Ensure the headline conveys to the reader what benefits they will receive form reading the article.

        5. Eight words or less!

  • Short headlines are easier to read and more effective at getting attention especially with decreasing attention spans!

Consider what emotion that you want to trigger with your readers, then build your headline to achieve that goal.

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