8 Tips to help you with your copywriting!

Looking for tips to help you make the most out of content that you are creating to help sell your products or services? Here is 8 quick tips to consider:

       1. Make what you write easy to understand. Don’t use jargon that may confuse, simplify your messaging to convey the uniqueness of what you are selling. “The multifaceted head increases the dispersion velocity and coverage per second” versus “our new nozzle means that that you can clean more and faster, than ever before!”.

        2. Use emotive language with your description to help bring your messaging to life and impress. The delicious ruby red apple rather than the red apple.

        3. Make your product or service sound exclusive. Use descriptions such as “a world first”, “one of a kind”, or “never been  done before” and so on.

        4. Make your product or service sound cheap. Use descriptions such as: “why pay more” or “an inexpensive solution”.

        5. Make your product or service sound high quality. “Our widget has been crafted to the very highest standards”, “the detail in the design is obvious”.

        6. Highlight what problem the product or service will solve. “No more unwanted stains, with our new stain eradicator formula”.

        7. Ensure to be clear on what are the features and benefits. “The twin nozzle head means you can clean in half the time”. The twin nozzle is the feature and cleaning in half the time is the benefit.

        8. Create urgency! “Our last shipment sold out”, “Due to popular demand”, “We don’t expect this offer to last long”.

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