Easy ways to retain clients and increase sales!

Retain clients.

Ways to retain clients.

Easy ways to retain clients and increase sales – Getting a new client can be expensive, , time-consuming and challenging.

Getting a new client can be expensive, time consuming and challenging. Once you have a new client you firstly want to keep them and secondly grow them over time. Great after-sales service is the key to achieving these objectives.

So, what are some ways to create great after-sales service?

What form your after sales services takes will be influenced by your industry, but a lot of heavy lifting can be achieved by your automated email flows. Time and effort spent on creating automated email flows will not only save you a great deal of time and money long term, but it will also help you to: a) remain connected to your client b) provide them with offers c) help you build your brand d) encourage referrals.

Timing can be everything with your emails. If you just sold them something, you could send a follow up email a few weeks later asking them to provide feedback on the product/service, give them a gift voucher to say thanks, or make them aware of an additional product or service that might be relevant for them to purchase. If the feedback identifies an issue, then you can make contact to sort out the problem and retain their support.

To stay in touch, you could send email updates, not selling anything, but talking about the latest news in the business and topics of interest to your client profile.

To build customer loyalty and generate additional sales, consider sending them a gift voucher or a discount voucher that can be redeemed from your business.

If your business has seasonal product/service variations, send them details as seasons change. Clothes and shoes are great examples of where you can use season changes to your advantage.

Be aware of the lifespan of your product and schedule to send them an email about replacement options at the appropriate time. If you sold a client a month’s supply of something, send them an email towards the end of the month (before they are likely to have run out) to suggest a renewal. Leave it too late, and they might have already bought elsewhere!

If you are wanting referrals, how about sending an email offering an incentive for referrals?

Need more punch to your campaign?

Consider starting your own customer loyalty programme. Rather than just randomly sending out discount or gift vouchers, take it to the next level and start a formal programme. You could consider either a) a rewards points programme where they get various entitlements based on achieving differing levels of points which are earned on each purchase. Points can be spent or saved towards a higher goal b) or a simpler expenditure-based programme where they get gift vouchers of a set value based on a certain level of expenditure.

Whether you choose a simple or sophisticated loyalty programme, so long as they are simple to understand, have rewards that are motivating and getting them is achievable, then they can prove to be very beneficial in maintaining and growing your clients.

The great thing about rewards programmes? Automated emails can do a lot of work for you!

With simple data collection and planning in creating automated email flows, you can achieve a great deal in retaining and growing customers. Why don’t you try it?

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