Spy on the Top 1% of Facebook & Instagram Ads

Sometimes we get stuck with ideas for creating ads. Either we don’t know where to begin, we don’t know what converts and sometimes we just want to take a peek at how our competitors’ ads are running and what is and isn’t working for them.

There is an exact solution for this that we discovered through a website called www.unicornads.com , where you can do exactly that – spy on and on top of that get some inspiration from the top 1% of ads from e-commerce stores currently running on Facebook and Instagram.

It’s also hard to believe that this website lets you spy on other ads for FREE whereas other sites would give you access only if you sign up for their pricey plans and trials. Not to mention, Unicorn Ads has a library of over 50,000 ads to browse through so you won’t run out of ads to keep an eye on.


Unicorn Ads

To get started, you can filter and select from their category of niches for ads from the top companies currently running in your market. You can spy on a range of niches from sports, fitness, to clothing, beauty etc. You also have the option to search through their ad libraries yourself.


Unicorn Ads

The next step is to then click on any card within your selected niche to take a look at that company’s Facebook Ad Library with all their Facebook and Instagram ads that they are currently running.

Unicorn Ads

For example, we’ve clicked on Huel to view their Facebook Ads Library.

Unicorn Ads

You can view specific details of that company’s ads including when that ad started running, the platforms they are running on along with the ad creative and copy.

Unicorn Ads

There is also full page transparency and you have the option of viewing that company’s details such as all their pages and accounts, organisations managing that page, page history and people managing that page.

Unicorn Ads

Have a browse through the thousands of other ads stored with Unicorn Ads and make sure to keep this website in mind when creating your ads!

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