16 Tips to make Your Conversion Page CONVERT!

If you want to maximise your results when building a Conversion Page (can be known as a Lead Page)  for your Sales Funnel, then it’s important that you plan your structure first and ensure that you have all the right elements to maximise your conversions. – 16 Tips

Get your conversion page converting!

If you want to maximise your results when building a Conversion Page (can be known as a Lead Page)  for your Sales Funnel, then it’s important that you plan your structure first and ensure that you have all the right elements to maximise your conversions.

Here are a few things to consider:

To give context, let’s assume I have invented a new ab machine.

1) Start with a compelling headline. You want to get people curious so that they read further! Encapsulating a benefit of what you are offering in the title is a great start. If you are wanting to help people get a six pack, then the title might be:

“Amazing Abs in 60 Days GUARANTEED!”

2) Identify the problem that your target audience has that you are about to solve and speak to them personally. For our abs example:

“Are you tired of training hard, but still not having the six pack you desire?”

3) Relate to your target audience and create a connection.

“My name is ….. and I have been training at the gym for 5 years but have never been able to achieve those washboard abs you see on tv.”

4) Establish credibility.

“As an engineer to the medical industry, I decided to do something about the problem. Having spoken to countless doctors and sports scientists and after 3 years of trialling, I have come up with the most effective way to get a six pack.”

5) Use specific numbers for greater credibility. Using rounded numbers could be conceived as fictitious, whereas precise numbers can be seen as more credible.

“A recently independently conducted trial found that my ab machine was 32.3% more effective in creating a six pack than the next best option on the market”.

6) Identify how you are going to solve their problem.

“By following our step-by-step exercise guide, for 15 minutes per day, 5 days a week, you will get those amazing washboard abs you have always desired but never had in no time”.

7) Give them security.

“ I am so confident that you are going to LOVE your new ab machine, I will give you a 60 day money back GUARANTEE – NO Questions asked”.

8) Provide social proof. People want to hear about other people’s experiences to give them greater confidence in their purchase. The key is for the testimonials to be credible. Before and after photos along with comments from customers provides powerful endorsements. In our example it has been written as an individual which shared the target markets problem which they then solved. In this case a before and after photo of the inventor would make an even more powerful endorsement.

“Want to know just how good my ab machine is, check out my before and after photos! I finally have the abs I have always wanted. My friends and family wanted to know my secret, so I let them use my ab machine, check out their results too.”

Client testimonials

9) Ensure the value. You want them to feel that not only are you solving their problem, but you are also providing them with irresistible value.

“If you are like me, you have spent thousands going to the gym and countless PT sessions, never getting washboard abs. For a fraction of what you have wasted at the gym at only $…., you can finally have that six pack you have always wanted.

10) Knockout punch – the bonuses. Make your offer even more irresistible.

“Over the last three years perfecting my ab machine, in consultation with dieticians, I have created a 30-day eating plan to help speed up your results. My eating plan sells in the shops for $… but I am going to throw it in for FREE when you purchase my ab machine”

11) Include multiple calls to action down the page. Don’t leave it just to the end to ask them to buy?

12) Create Urgency. You don’t want people to feel like they have plenty of time. The feeling of scarcity is important.

13) Use social proof multiple times not just once.

14) Make the call to action more compelling as you go down the page.

15) Where you can incorporate video.

16) Keep the text concise and use bullet points where you can. It is important that the text is easy to read.

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