3 Keys To Your Brand!

3 Keys.


1) Define your target market and go after it!

Remember the saying: “You can’t please everyone all the time?”. It’s true, so don’t. Know who you want as your customers and who you don’t and develop your brand to target those that you do want!

There is no point trying to target everyone as you will risk pleasing nobody. You are much better to have a smaller target audience and then really drill down, connecting with them and providing them with what they need. Ultimately you will find much more success, than if you keep your target market too wide!

2) Tell your target audience what you offer.

More than anything else, make sure your messaging is clear about what you can do for your target market. Clarity in this messaging should take precedence over being clever with your marketing.

There is nothing worse than seeing what appears to be clever marketing but be left wondering what was it all about. What was the message? What were they trying to achieve? That, clever marketing turns out not to be so clever after all!

If you can deliver clear messaging in a clever way, then well done to you, but make sure that clear messaging is the priority. Always remember, people need to know what is in it for them!

3) Focus on the benefits for them.

Your communication needs to be focused on them, not you and be clear on how your offering will benefit them.

You want people to feel that purchasing from you will be transformational for them. You want them to be able to envisage the benefits that they will receive by purchasing off you and consider that purchase to be a smart decision. You are providing a solution to them for a problem that they have.

Don’t make the mistake of making the emphasis on you and how you are the greatest. Sure, if you have awards, let them know, but don’t make that the focal point. The focal point should always be on them and how their life will be better once they buy your product or service.

People’s priorities are with themselves, so you need to never lose sight of this and ensure that your brand focuses on appealing to them!

If you hold true to these three basic points, then you will be well on the way to success, connecting with your target market!

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