4 Simple Tactics to Help Your Sales!

1) Be Specific.

People like certainty. If you are vague, consumers are much less likely to buy. Examples of this include:

  1. Be clear on what the total cost is before they get to the checkout. Studies have shown that if you are not clear on the cost, your cart abandonment is likely to be higher.
  2. Don’t expect people to do the mental arithmetic ie “Buy 1 bottle for $10 or get 3 and receive a 15% discount” versus “Buy 1 bottle for $10 or 3 for $25.50 – that’s a $4.50 saving!”.
  3. Be clear on the delivery or waiting time. Uber realised that people didn’t like the uncertainty associated with waiting for a taxi. By allowing people to see the location of the Uber on a map, that alleviated the uncertainty making the experience a great deal better.



2) Minimise their risk.

It’s important to remove any barriers to purchase. Client testimonials are a great way to build confidence and make a purchase more likely (see Boast). People will tend to attribute more weight to what a customer says than what a business says.

Another great way to minimise the prospective customers risk, is by offering a guarantee of some description.



3) Construct a comparison chart.

If you have specific competitors, look at creating a comparison chart to help your prospects choose you. Make sure that you are able to offer and then exceed what your competitors offer in order to get a favourable decision.

It is important that you understand what is most important for your prospects. It is no good offering more of something if its not what your target audience actually wants.



4) Incentivise people to buy more.

Offer a discount when people purchase more than one. For the cost of acquiring one sale, you could have two!

The use of packages can be a great way to get people to buy more. Packaging up two products at a cost below their individual cost can be very appealing!


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