Want to Increase Engagement on Social Media?

How do you get my followers to engage with the content that you put out on social media?

It’s tricky to pinpoint exactly which kinds of content your audience wants to see, especially when you’re just starting out or an entrepreneur.

Maybe you’re reaching a point where you are running out of ideas to share with your audience and you’re becoming overwhelmed.

The key is to SHARE VALUE. Put yourself out there by providing knowledge as an authority figure in your industry and people will naturally gravitate to your content.

Here are some tips for you to get started with sharing value:

  • Choose ONE piece of advice or relevant niche to focus on. Jot down anything related to that one idea and test how that content performs. Focus on one thing at a time.


  • Be sure to push your content and knowledge to those who are new or have just started out in the industry. You’ll find that they are keen to hear advice or information on what steps to take next in their business.


  • Understand the ins and outs of your audience on your social media platforms. Perform an audit of your platforms – note the demographics of your audience and stand-out metrics like best performing content, content with the most interactions etc.


  • Get familiar with the Social Media platforms you’re using. Be sure to keep yourself up to date with each platform as they all have different algorithms and accordingly align the content that you are putting out. For instance, Facebook prioritises posts on the news feed that have a chance of sparking discussions among people whereas Instagram prioritises posts that are personalised for each individual user.


  • Don’t be afraid of trying out different formats of content! If you only push out static posts and you see no return, it’s time to try out different post types. Experiment with gifs, reels, carousels, text posts, link posts, polls etc. to bring up engagement!


  • It’s not all about going viral – there’s no need to jump on every single trend. Be sure that if you are posting trendy content that it aligns with your brand tone overall. Your main focus should be to share content that is valuable or educational.


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