Can Email Marketing Help Any Business?


It is very tempting to not write any more as the simple answer is YES! Some businesses will see greater opportunity to use email marketing than others, but EVERYONE can benefit from it to varying degrees.  When you consider that once you know how to do it, then the only cost will be your time (unless you are undertaking very large volumes of emails), every small business should be doing it, yet incredibly so few are.

There is a number of reasons why so few small businesses undertake email marketing, but it is not because it doesn’t work. It definitely works! Conversion rates on a single email may be relatively low but given how easy and cheap it is to do it, it is EXTREMELY cost effective. It is also one of the best ways of building a loyal client base.

I want to focus in this article on one of the reasons why people choose not to undertake email marketing and that is because they can’t envisage how it could be used effectively in their business.

Let’s look at a couple of sample industries and provide some examples of what can be done.


  • Objective: Automated emails can be used to keep your profile up with customers and build a connection, so that when they need a plumber again, they call you not someone else!

How: You could send emails based on the following topics:

  1. Showcase the variety of work you do and include either photos or better still a video to demonstrate your work. This is great for educating people. They may not realise all the services that you provide!
  2. Give them tips on relevant things such as how to proactively prevent drains from blocking or smelling. Again, photos or a video should be included. Don’t be scared that you might lose business. Look at the big picture. You are building trust and credibility! You don’t teach them how to be a plumber, just help them with simple issues. They will appreciate it and will be more inclined to use you and recommend you!
  3. Let them know your availability hours over holiday breaks.
  4. What about tips on how to save on water usage?
  5. How about a video that shows a hot water cylinder being insulated and talking about how that can save money!
  6. Introduce them to your staff. Build trust and loyalty by highlighting the people behind the business.
  • Objective: Direct Sale

How: You might want to send an email that directly promotes a sale on one of your products or services. Always include photos or a video.

Now let’s take a look and an entirely different business:


  • Objective: Building a connection and trust.

How: Send emails based on:

  1. Opening hours for holiday breaks.
  2. Information on new technology.
  3. Introduce the team.
  4. Why its important to have an annual check-up.
  5. Tips for oral hygiene. This should be broken down into a number of emails such as: “Why and how to use dental floss”, “The benefits of a mouthwash”, “The benefits of a electric toothbrush”, ‘How to brush your teeth correctly”, “The difference in toothpaste” and so much more. For these – VIDEO is the way to go!
  • Objective: Direct Sale


  1. You might send an email with a promotion on teeth whitening, or one of your other services.
  2. You could also do an email about bookings for next month. If they haven’t had their annual check-up, then they need to book in now. Limited spaces available, so book now!
  3. You can actually automate your emails based on recording what month they last had a check-up and then send them an automated email to remind them to book for their next check-up!

The above examples are by no means exhaustive, but demonstrate the point, there are plenty of reasons to email your client base. Depending on your industry as to the frequency of emails, but you need to find a balance between bombardment and sufficient emails to keep in touch.

You should use a calendar to plan out your emails for the year. You might schedule for instance in the first week of each month to send a general email and then schedule sales emails for in-between the monthly email. The quantity of quality emails that educate and inform, should dominate the number of sales emails, otherwise you will just turn people off!

Add value to your clients via email marketing and you will be on the road to building a loyal and increasing client base!

Email marketing – “an absolute no-brainer!!!”.

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