Embrace your problems to succeed!

Does anyone NOT like the idea of everything going swimmingly well with your business, allowing you to kick back and relax? Conversely, who welcomes problems? Problems signal potentially lots of stress and hard work!

Is it realistic to expect for things to always go smoothly? Everything going smoothly feels safe, secure and easy, but is it really? Could it be an illusion, masking the fact that we are heading for trouble?

Having talked to a lot of successful business people, one thing is apparent. For them to have achieved what they have, they have had to push boundaries. Taking the safe and secure options, were not an option!

Could it be that most people are being held back by their desire to avoid problems? We know that things are constantly changing, more so for some industries than others, but nonetheless, change is constant. If we make changes, there is a degree of uncertainty, which can lead to problems!

Are business people putting off making changes for fear of the problems that might develop? Ironically, by not making changes, we could be creating a far bigger problem for ourselves and our businesses in the long term, as our businesses get left behind by our competitors or changing market conditions.

If we truly want to get ahead, then we need push boundaries, accepting that problems will come, but they should be embraced. Dealing with problems and finding solutions is where we learn and grow the most!

Ask yourself this: “How much do you learn when everything goes well?”. Then ask yourself: “As hard as it may be, how much do you learn when you have problems that you need to solve?”. We learn by making mistakes or coming across problems that need solved. That is how we grow. To not have problems and to not make mistakes, means we are doing very little, which is likely to create very little!

Our challenge? To get excited about having problems and what we will learn in solving them! Maybe, not get excited about making mistakes, but hold a strong sense of positivity that in learning from our mistakes we can grow and be better than before!

The more we embrace problems and mistakes with a sense of positivity in the knowledge it is a chance to grow, the more likely we are to push boundaries and get ahead!

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