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Lessons – The study of what it takes to achieve is not a new concept, yet it continues to pique people’s attention.

The purpose of my podcast “Insights into Success” is to provide motivation and insight so that others can succeed on the back of those that have already made it.

The examination of what it takes to succeed is not a new idea but remains an area of interest for many.

Often what we hear in the media is edited highlights which may grab attention but does not give a realistic representation of what to expect in the journey. The problem is that when things don’t go right, as is often the case, people may be too quick to give up, thinking their issues are evidence that they picked the wrong path!

My aim is to find people that are successful (which can be in a variety of different ways) but remain grounded and willing to share experiences in the hope of helping others.

When I reach out to a person and they never respond, then I consider that a lucky escape. Chances are, their ego has gotten the better of them, therefore they don’t wish to even lower themselves to respond. A quality person in my opinion, may choose to decline my interview, but would at least make the effort to acknowledge my request. Reaching out with a request for an interview has proven an effective filter! I could not be happier with my interviewees so far!

What has been the common traits or life experiences so far?

  • All have come from humble beginnings.
  • All of them have expressed a belief of “paying it forward”.
  • They believe that hard work was key. Not working a couple of extra hours here and there, but seriously long hours for however long it would take.
  • Not necessarily well educated, but all have had a keen sense for spotting an opportunity.
  • Not afraid to “have a go”!
  • All of them have remained grounded and don’t consider that they have done anything that special.
  • They consider money a by-product rather than the main goal of their journey.
  • All have come close to failing.
  • Consider luck to largely be a function of activity. The more that you get out there and try things, the more likely you are to get a lucky break.

When you consider the list so far, it shouldn’t appear unreachable for most, in fact it should give you motivation!

Listen or watch my podcast and see if you can identify other qualities.

I intend to review this list from time to time to see as the guests vary, how might the list above vary. What will remain common and what new qualities or factors may be unearthed.

What do you think are the keys to success?

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