If you don’t have a call to action on your website, you are missing out!

call to action.

So, what is the purpose of your website? What do you expect to happen when people visit it? These are both important questions.

As much are the world is moving increasingly online, it remains amazing how out of touch some people remain about their website. Your website is the window to your business. Whether good or bad, people will form opinions on your business based on what they see on your website. If you don’t keep your website looking current with up-to-date content, you are potentially sending a message, that, this is how you run your business.

With so much option online, if your website doesn’t grab people’s attention, then they will quickly move on to the next website. Appreciating this means that you need to put every effort into creating and maintaining your website.

What can be forgotten is that your website can potentially be part of your sales team. If you have a merchant website, then it can literally take sales, but if it doesn’t, it can still form an important part of the sales process.

Your website provides an opportunity for people to get to know a bit about the business and the people behind it, along with your products and services that you offer. People can browse without feeling that they are in a high-pressure sales environment. That said, the ultimate purpose of the website is to either directly sell or help in the sales process. This goal needs to be reflected on the website.

If your website doesn’t have a merchant facility, then on educating your visitors about your products and services, it needs to have a call to action, which incredibly is often missed on websites. You don’t want people to look at your products and think, they look nice, I now must check out what is on offer elsewhere. You want people to feel compelled to call you right now or visit you right now, otherwise they might miss out!

Don’t be passive with your website and hope people will visit or call you! Take action and try to incentivise them to call or visit you. How you do this is up to you, but it can include things such as a limited time sale, free giveaway or a free upgrade. It depends on what you are selling and the DNA of your target market as to what the incentive should be. Spend your time figuring that out and you will get the rewards!

When building your website, try to look at it through the eyes of your target market. What would they want to see on your website and what would trigger them to buy immediately from your website (if relevant) or call or visit you to make a purchase? Whatever you conclude would be a good call to action for your target market, make sure you incorporate it into your website! Don’t make the mistake of many of building a good website and failing to provide a call to action for your visitors!

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