Your website home page is important!

website home page.

Your website is your online shop. It represents your business to the world. In most instances people will first arrive on your homepage, before moving around your website. Given the depth of options online, if you don’t get it right with your homepage, then your next potential customer could be gone, without ever seeing any of your amazing content on the other pages!

People’s attention spans have shortened. We have become impatient and quickly judge what we see online. For that reason, it is imperative that you put effort into creating an enticing homepage and keeping it up to date.

Your home page needs to be clear and concise, communicating your company’s value proposition to your target audience. Your homepage needs to be professional and grab the visitor’s attention and make them take notice.

Here are some tips for creating a great homepage:

  • Cater to your target market.

You should have clearly identified who is your target market and ensure that your homepage (and website in general) caters to it. In all aspects of your business, you need to live and breathe your target market to achieve real cut through. Your target market needs to feel that you really understand them and are there to serve them! Knowing your target market should influence both the content and look and feel of your homepage.

  • Great design and content.

You first need to grab people with the eye-catching look of your homepage and then draw them in with your content. The content needs to be to the point. The messaging needs to be clear along with concise. You don’t want to leave people confused about what you do!

Test your page, by getting others to look at it and verbalise what messages they got from it! Give them limited time, say only a few seconds, so that you replicate an independent visitor to your website. Based on that feedback, make changes if necessary.

  • Limit your messaging.

Keep it simple and focus on one main message and one call to action. If you try and convey multiple messages, you could leave people confused. Keep it simple! Don’t forget you have multiple pages on your website, for other messaging and actions.  Think hard about the key message you want to convey with a brand-new visitor and action you want them to take and build your homepage around that!

Your website homepage should be the beginning of your visitors’ journey around your website. As your business changes, so too should your website, starting with your homepage. For many, your website and your homepage in particular will be their first impression of your business. You need to make it a good one, so put effort into creating a great homepage!

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