8 Reasons to have a website!

8 Reasons.

1. Expand your potential market.

By going online, it creates the potential to be seen by more people and by people that would not otherwise know about you. Depending on what you do, you can potentially go from selling only to your local community to being able to sell to people all around the world.

Going online may mean that you can target markets or people you had previously not dreamed about selling to. When you go online, you open up the possibilities for your business. For a small business that may mean being able to compete with bigger businesses or in fact having the growth opportunities to become a big business yourself!

2. Create credibility for your business.

It has gotten to the point where it is really expected that a business will have their own website. If they don’t, it potentially undermines that businesses credibility.

From a positive perspective, having a website provides a business with the opportunity to demonstrate their products, skills and knowledge. On your own terms, you can provide content to demonstrate what your business can do and establish your expertise in your chosen field.

3. Better present your products or services.

This is your website, so it’s your chance to show off your products or services as much as you like and in whatever manner you choose. You have no time pressure or distractions, so it is your chance to say and or show all the things you need to, to achieve your goal. At anytime you can update your content if it is no longer current, or you find a better way to showcase your products and or services.

4. Increase sales.

If your website has a merchant facility, then your website could literally be selling while you are sleeping! That aside, your website potentially provides you with the best opportunity to showcase what you do. The better that you can do this, the greater the chance of generating sales. It maybe that the sale still needs to occur in your store, but the website is used to establish credibility and share important content that may be missed in a more pressured one on one situation and could be the tipping point for a purchaser deciding to buy from you rather than a competitor.

5. Expand your marketing options.

A website provides another platform or medium on which you can market. You can use online ads or SEO to drive traffic to your website. You may create free content that you publish on your website to build loyalty. You can use your website to promote sales or special events. A website gives you more options to consider when promoting your business and generating sales.

6. Help build your brand.

The look, feel and content of a website helps to build your brand. The messages that you convey on the website can help create the desired perception of your brand. As a business, everything that you do and everything that people see of you contributes to creating a public perception of your business, which is your brand.

Starting with a brand vision, the more ways in the more places that you can convey the vision for the brand, the more likely that vision will turn into reality. Your website is another great platform to help crystallize your brand vision.

7. Get better insight into your customers and get better connected to them.

Your website provides an opportunity to get better insight into what your clients like, want and how they behave. Firstly, with Google Analytics you can see how people use your website. What pages do they spend their time on and what ones do they quickly leave? You can trial different promotions and see which one’s people respond best to. You can invite people to leave comments or provide feedback on certain things, which then can be used to help with future business decisions.

Your website is not only an opportunity to get more feedback from your customers, but also to get better connected with them, by using the customer feedback to influence the content of your website along with how you operate other parts of your business. The more that you understand your clients, the better that you can cater to them and create a better connection.

8. A cost-effective way to achieve all of the above goals.

From all the points above, you can see that a website can fulfil a number of roles. When you consider what the website can do, versus its cost, it has the potential to be a highly cost-effective vehicle to achieve a number of objectives. When you consider that it can continue to work while you sleep, why would you not have a website?


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