FIRE UP your ABOUT Page!

Let’s be realistic, for most businesses, what they sell is not much different to their competitors. Aside from price and reliability, how else can you stand out from your competition?

People ever increasingly will go online to do their research before purchasing anything. Assuming you and your competitors have equally attractive websites, how can you make that difference which swings the decision to buy in your favour?

Your website ABOUT page is a chance to really standout. You don’t want to copy your competitors on this page, quite the contrary you want to demonstrate your uniqueness and create a connection with the visitor so that they want to purchase from you.

So how do you FIRE UP your ABOUT page and really ignite it to get those new customers?

Here are three key tips:

1. Tell them about you!

Sell your products on other pages of your website, this page is for you to sell you and your company.

How did you end up with the business? What motivates you to run your business. What are you trying to achieve with the business? Who is involved in the business? What do you want the business to stand for? Are you involved in any charities or other causes worth sharing? Think about these questions when writing your ABOUT page.

If you can, share an interesting story about your business. What is some of the feedback you have received about your business and how it is unique? If you can, share some less formal photos relevant to some of your content to help build that connection and give people a real sense that they know you and what you stand for.

You want to ensure that you come across as authentic, passionate and committed. Don’t try and be someone else, be proud to be who you are and sell your strengths!

2. Connect with your target audience.

Your absolute mission is to understand and connect with your audience and your ABOUT page is no different.

The ABOUT page is a great chance to talk about you, however the skill is in not overdoing this and also conveying how you are able to help your customers. Ultimately the visitor to your website is looking for someone to solve their problem. You need to convince them that you are the perfect choice.

Consider the issues facing your target audience and how you can resolve them. Ideally weave case studies into your ABOUT page. People will connect with real life examples of how you helped clients. In telling your story you can demonstrate your personality and how you are different. Make sure to write in an engaging manner consistent with your audience. Unless your audience is “technical”, keep it simple and interesting!

3. Give them a call to action.

The goal of your website is to get people to act. You don’t want people to just visit, then leave and forget about you! You want them to stay connected and buy from you. How do you do this? You need a call to action. This is no different on the ABOUT page.

Depending on your business what that call to action may be, but it could include:

  1. Go on an emailing list for exclusive offers.
  2. Download an e-book.
  3. Claim a discount or free offer.
  4. Call for a consultation.

You want to ensure that your contact details are clearly visible and that you have given them a compelling reason to make contact!

It is time to FIRE UP your ABOUT page to help you get more business!


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