Make more, do less, spend less! How?

How many businesses, particularly small businesses use email automation? Of those that don’t, how many understand the capability of email automation?

So, what is email automation? It is about setting up customer journeys through the sending of automated emails to a customer database. A limitless number of customer journeys can be created, with customers either participating (or not) in each journey, based on their response to an email previously received.

You might send your clients an email which talks about various topics or products and contains a link for them to click on to find out more. If they click on a particular link, then they enter a new series of emails about that topic.

In a small business, you are bound to be short of lots of things such as:

  • Short of money.
  • Short of time.
  • Short of resources.

Email automation can potentially help with all of those shortages! Lets consider how it can help with each of the three shortages listed:

Short of money:

  1. Help with sales: With email automation, your prospective clients can be taken through a series of emails with the specific objective of ultimately getting them to buy off you. Done well, while you are hard at work, or maybe sleeping, your email automation could be selling for you!
  2. Save on costs: Save on employee costs that would be required to achieve the same objective manually.

Short of time:

Email automation, once set up, requires little or no intervention. It is able to build goodwill with prospective customers and qualify what they are interested in by their behaviour to the emails received. To get a person to achieve the same objectives en masse would require a considerable amount of time and potentially multiple people depending on the size of the business.

Short of resources:

By using email automation, you potentially can either avoid having to employ another person to achieve the same objective or enable a person to be redeployed to other duties making the business overall more productive at little extra cost.

Done well, by sending a series of emails, prospective clients can be segmented and tagged by their behaviour. Tagged prospects can then enter a new series of emails which are specifically designed for them with the purpose of converting them into sales.

A variety of email automation’s can be set up, with various objectives. Your first series could cover client “on-boarding”, where you are welcoming them to the business and providing general information. Through this series, you could invite feedback by way of how they respond to those emails, which may then qualify them for a new email series. That email series may then have the objective of educating them in this particular area. Then, as either part of that email series or a separate series, the goal may then become to achieve a sale.

Email marketing and the use of email automation should be one of the tools a business uses. You control the interaction and get to see directly the results. If you are not already using email marketing, then it is time you did!

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