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Getting a new client can be both challenging and expensive in time and money. Once you have a client, your two key goals should be to: | Build an Empire

Getting a new client can be both challenging and expensive in time and money. Once you have a client, your two key goals should be to:

1) Keep them as long as possible.

2) Develop the relationship to achieve the greatest value.

In terms of the second point, lets be clear, if your focus is simply on getting them to hand over as much money to you as possible, then that won’t work and you won’t achieve goal number 1 either. We are talking about creating a win/win relationship where they feel satisfied that they are getting value and you are selling your product or service for a fair price.

The power of data and your email list:

If you don’t run an email list for your customers, then you need to do it now! Email marketing is the most direct and effective way to stay in touch with your clients and build a connection.

Email marketing is an opportunity to build your brand and ultimately sell more. Be careful not to make each email about selling, rather be willing to offer value where possible without expecting anything in return.

The more you get to know your clients, the more effective you can make your email marketing. If you have a record of when a client buys from you, then depending on what they bought, you can have one or more emails as a follow up. As example, if you have a shoe store, you might send a follow up email providing them with tips on how to look after their leather shoes. The focus of the email is on education, but you could include a link at the bottom if they need any cleaning materials.

Sticking with the shoe example, based on a client’s purchasing habits you can send them emails telling them about fashion changes coming for next season, or how to change the colour of their shoes for a new look! You could send them an email giving them a peek into next seasons stock and invite them to an exclusive evening to mingle and hear from a leading shoe designer.

To acknowledge customers previous purchases, you could send them a gift voucher or offer them a discount on their next purchase.

Depending on your customers willingness to share and your willingness to gather data, you could collect valuable information to help you connect with them. Useful information could include theirs and their family’s birthdays, special anniversaries, interests and hobbies. If you can gather this information without customers feeling it is intrusive, then with email marketing, you can make a powerful connection. You could send them a card to mark the occasion, gift voucher or offer them a discount or send them interesting content about something that interest them.

If you are willing to go the extra mile and collect at least basic data from your clients, through the use of email marketing you can create great connections that will benefit both your customers and your bottom-line, a win/win for all!

Don’t ignore the possibilities of email marketing!

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